2013年11月30日 星期六


Hey, it's me Destin. So here's the deal. If you watch this video, it has the potential to change every day of your life for the rest of your life. However, you also have the potential to think about me, and whoever sent you this video, every day, when you're alone and half naked. So I'm gonna give you three seconds to think about this.

This is one of those things that affect billions of people all over the world, but nobody talks about it, at least not in an intelligent respectful way.

In 1895 there was a paper published by the London Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge by a guy named A. M. Worthington. It had to do with splashes, so after reading that, and looking at some work by a guy named Weber, I've got to thinking: is there a way we can eliminate what's known as a Worthington jet? Or as I like to call it...poop splash.
1895年有一份由倫敦「推廣基督教義社群」的A.M. Worthingtonn所發行的報紙。它和「噗通」有關係,所以在讀過那報紙和看過一份叫做Weber的人的作品之後,我必須思考:有什麼方法可以消除已知的「沃辛頓中央噴射柱」?或像是我喜歡的稱呼...便便水花。

Okay, if you imagine in your head right now if you were to drop a rock in water, what happens is a cavity opens up and it's air, and all that air has nowhere to go, so it slaps back together, because there's a discontinuity in pressure. Now if you break it down, surface tension is force per unit length.

Nice goggles. Thumbs up for science. Yeah. Sample A. What do you think? I don't know about you, but I have never made anything like that with my body. Well I did make more samples, but it just depends on how much tolerance you have. What does tolerance mean? Tolerance for accuracy if you will. I think we need to scrub accuracy and go for more realism.

Hey, Dest, I got the uh... What's up? We have number two here? Are those beads? Technically. Three...two...one... Drop the deuce!

Control Test: Obliquity zero degree

Pinch the loaf in three...two...one...

Angled Entry: asymmetric splash exceeds drop height

Cross section, density, and length determine void shape

Long straight voids cause higher jets

What can we do to eliminate this? The answer is, vary the surface tension. All you have to do is grab a piece of toilet paper that's already in the bathroom with you and lay it on the surface. I like to use four pieces so that it touches each side. That way it stays in one position. It totally had caught all the bubbles... See that?

There you go. That fun? Are you potty training big people? Yes.

Alright. In summary, I hope you don't think we were being rude or crude or anything like that, we're just not that kind of people, we don't uh... Very nice. This affected billions of people and nobody talks about it. Why don't they talk about it? I don't know, but you're gonna go home and try it and you're gonna... You're welcome. Don't even act like you're not gonna try it.

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